Cav. Prof Sandro Macchietto

UNIHEAT Project Director and Chairman of UNIHEAT Steering Committe. Professor of Process Systems Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. Cav. Prof. Sandro Macchietto is also the leader of sub-project 6 “Deposition and kinetics modelling and validation; Heat exchange equipment & pipelines modelling and design; Whole system integration and efficiency”. His research expertise include the development and application of mathematical methods to process design, control and operation; the development of model-based experiment design techniques for rapid model development and validation; the use of process systems methods for the analysis, development and optimisation of sustainable energy systems, with particular applications in oil processing.  Interest include the creation of interdisciplinary teams to tackle broad "challenge problems" in collaboration with industry, and devising and managing technology transfer opportunities. He has lead the creation of two spinoff companies from Imperial College. He is on the Advisory Boards of ENSIACT at the Institut Politechnique Toulose, a french "Grandes Ecoles" and  the Politecnico di Torino, Italy.