Flameless industrial heaters

Drag reduction in oil pipelines is a significant problem, particularly when oil is being transported for long distances across remote locations with harsh climates. In these conditions, high viscosity, blockages of the pipelines and restrictions in flow area lead to reduction of throughput resulting in economic losses of the order of million US dollars per day.

The decrease in viscosity associated with the novel heating technology being developed in this Theme reduces the pressure drops across the pipeline, thus reducing the pumping costs.

Moreover, it can prevent blockages and related losses by keeping the crude above its waxing point.


Key Objectives

  • To develop heating devices for drag reduction in crude oil pipelines
  • To develop calculation methodologies for optimal design and deployment


  • Minimum impact on pipe infrastructure
  • Low pressure drop
  • High thermal efficiency and fuel savings
  • Adaptability to different types of gas fuels
  • Modular construction of heating stations