Thermodynamic power generation cycles for improved energy efficiency

Over 25% of the primary energy used in the industrial sector is lost as heat in various low to medium temperature processes. Inefficiencies in the utilisation of this energy causes large economic penalties, and have a detrimental health and environmental impact worldwide. Thermodynamic energy systems can be used to recover part of this energy and convert this to useful power.

The methodologies and technologies being developed in Theme 4 will allow energy conversion systems to generate power by using a variety of fuels or wasted heat in a clean and efficient way.


Key Objectives

  • To develop methodologies and catalytic heating devices for external combustion engines
  • To select optimal working fluids and components


  • Clean and efficient conversion of low-grade fuels and waste heat to useful work
  • Low emissions, low maintenance, low cost
  • Scalable: 1 W to 1 MW
  • Thermochemical heat recuperation