Oil refining operations consume around 6% of the energy contained in each barrel of crude oil processed. Large portions of this energy requirement can be reduced by improved efficiency in  heat exchange and catalytic processes.

UNIHEAT’s research programme is the largest of its kind worldwide, integrating cutting edge research by a diverse pool of international experts, from molecular simulation to plant level optimisation, from theory to experiments, from design to operations.

Increasing energy efficiency

UNIHEAT aims to increase the energy efficiency of several processes in oil refineries in addition to upstream and downstream operations, including oil transportation in pipelines and the production of petrochemicals.

Intensifying heat exchange and energy usage

UNIHEAT aims to intensify heat exchange, to increase recovery of low level heat available in various sections of industrial processes and to improve transport and utilisation of heavy oils.

Improving equipment design and performance

The outcomes of  UNIHEAT will contribute to improving heat exchange equipment design by preventing fouling deposition; pipeline operation by reducing hydraulic drag and petrochemical reactors performance by introducing new catalytic processes.