BORESKOV INSTITUTE OF CATALYSIS is the world’s largest research and development institution in the field of catalysis. The Institute has more than 1000 employees including 350 researches and 70 Professors specialising in general physical and chemical properties of catalysis, development of scientific bases for molecular design of materials and implementation of catalytic processes; creation of new generation catalysts for chemical, refinery and petrochemical industries, as well as creation of catalysts and technologies for innovative application areas.

The Boreskov Institute of Catalysis is bringing to the UNIHEAT project leading experts in chemistry and characterisation of oil, the development of catalysts, the modification and characterisation of heat exchange surface through controlled catalysts, modeling of the heat transfer processes in the presence of the catalysts and in general the development of new catalysts for application to the oil and petrochemical industries.

BIC is a regular participant of large international and national projects, and maintain contacts with a large number of firms, plants, industrial partners in Russia and abroad. BIC developed and implemented industrially more than 50 catalysts and catalytic technologies. The BIC developments have been awarded prizes and diplomas at prestigious forums and exhibitions.

Each year, more than 300 scientific papers by BIC’s scientists are published in refereed journals, more than 30 patents are acquired. In the past 5 years, BIC was granted more than 200 protection documents at Russian territory; 30 foreign patents are kept in force currently.


"We believe, that combining our experience in development and utilization of catalysts and catalytic processes with experience of Imperial College in chemical technologies would lead to fundamentally new approaches in advancing energy efficient technologies of processing carbon fossil fuels. The agreement, initiated by the Skolkovo Foundation, is setting an extremely important example (including for Russian companies) of support, provided to fundamental research and innovation by leading international corporations”.

Valentin Parmon, Director of Boreskov Institute of Catalysis