UNIHEAT partners Imperial College, Boreskov Institute of Catalysis and UNICAT meet for a Technology Transfer workshop

The UNIHEAT team held a Technology Transfer session at the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (BIC) in Novosibirsk from the 22nd to the 25th April 2014.

Following previous exchanges in the last 15 months, the main objective of the session was to identify at an early stage promising technologies for the project, to work on a commercialisation plan and to discuss the joint patents and potential licensing and spin-offs already resulting from the project.

Best practices in technology transfer

The attendees exchanged details of best practices in technology transfer from their experience at Imperial and BIC. This included ways of protecting IP, engaging with industry and strategies for commercialization  and partnerships in addition to rewarding schemes for inventors.

The workshop was organised by Prof. Macchietto, who has a strong track record of launching successful technologies. Dr. Francesco Coletti provided a detailed overview of the technologies being developed by UNIHEAT. This included information on their ‘technology redness status’, indicating how close a technology is to commercialization and potential routes to market. Based on these details, two technologies were selected as case studies.

Expertise provided by Imperial Innovations

Mr Brian Graves, Director of Business Development at Imperial innovations, introduced a structured commercialization methodology and illustrated some real-case scenarios based on his broad experience. The team used this methodology to evaluate best commercialisation pathways for the two UNIHEAT case study technologies.

Commercialisation of UNIHEAT’s technologies

As a result of this session, the UNIHEAT team agreed an overall approach and specific actions for the commercialization of the case study technologies. This will also serve as blueprint for the commercialization of other UNIHEAT technologies.

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