UNIHEAT academic Dr Marcos Millan-Agorio to receive promotion at Imperial College London

The work of Dr Millan-Agorio has been recognised by Imperial College London with a promotion to Reader in Chemical Engineering.

Dr Millan-Agorio joined Imperial’s Department of Chemical Engineering as a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering in 2006, focussing on catalytic upgrading of heavy oil and coal-derived hydrocarbons, characterisation of fuels and carbonaceous materials in terms of their molecular weights and chemical structures and thermochemical processing of solid fuels such as coal, biomass and wastes.

Work on UNIHEAT’s theme 3: Catalytic upgrade and combustion of heavy oils

Dr Millan-Agorio is involved in UNIHEAT’s Theme 3,which aims to improve heavy oils utilisation, reduce waste and improve refinery conversion to high value products and to develop catalysts for heavy oil upgrade with supercritical and subcritical water.

Please click here for more information on Theme 3.

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