Understanding the behaviour of molecules by Prof Erich Müller


The UNIHEAT team would like to congratulate Prof Erich Müller on his inaugural professorial Lecture “Jiggling Molecules” at Imperial College London, describing work in the area of UNIHEAT’s research Theme 1 and Theme 6.

Prof Müller’s scintillating inaugural lecture on 16th October 2013 illustrated his work in understanding the behaviour of molecules.

Molecular simulation provides invaluable insights to industry

The lecture explored the origins of molecular dynamics simulations, from the first applications to solve Newton’s equations of motion for simple model systems to current systems for studying the spontaneous self-assembly of complex fluids. From reducing paint drying times to desalinisation of seawater, molecular simulation provides invaluable insights to the behaviour of industrially and biologically important fluids such as liquid crystals, amphiphiles and macromolecules.

Molecular modelling of heavy oils for UNIHEAT

Prof Muller is involved in UNIHEAT’s Theme 1 “Multi-scale modelling of crude oil fouling: from molecular to plant scale” where he applieshis knowledge of molecular dynamics simulations to integrate mathematical models of crude oil fouling deposition with equipment-scale models, in order to produce a fully predictive model for fouling in refinery heat exchangers.

He also contributes to Theme 6 “Thermodynamics: Equation of state & molecular modelling of heavy oils” in order to develop an accurate models for the prediction of the phase behaviour and surface deposition of heavy crudes and their blends.

Lecture available online

Please click here for Prof Erich Müller’s inaugural lecture: http://wwwf.imperial.ac.uk/imedia/content/view/3948/jiggling-molecules

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