Professor Kazarian awarded Royal Society of Chemistry Sir George Stokes Award

Professor Sergei Kazarian, Chemical Engineering Professor at Imperial College and key researcher for UNIHEAT's Theme 2 -Crude oil and fouling deposit characterisation-, awarded prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Sir George Stokes Award.

We are delighted to announce that Professor Sergei Kazarian has been awarded the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Sir George Stokes Award for his outstanding, sustained contributions to spectrochemical analysis via the development of ATR-FTIR spectroscopic imaging.

The Sir George Stokes Award, named after George Gabriel Stokes, recognises outstanding and sustained contributions to analytical science by someone working in a complementary field, which has led to developments of seminal importance to chemical analysis. The winner of this biennial award receives a medal and a certificate, and is also invited to complete a UK lecture tour. Further information, including details of past winners can be found on the Royal Society of Chemistry website.

Find out more about Professor Kazarian’s work on his personal webpage. For more information on UNIHEAT's Research Theme 2, please click here

Original news story published by Michael Panagopulos, 11th May 2015, in Imperial College's website

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