Dr Francesco Coletti presents UNIHEAT at IChemE, 14th January 2014

Dr Francesco Coletti will be presenting the UNIHEAT project during an evening talk for the IChemE Oil & Natural Gas Special Interest Group on 14th January 2014.

Dr. Coletti’s talk will provide an overview of the UNIHEAT project including the technologies being developed and the activities of the Industry Engagement Programme, which aims to bridge the gap between academic research and industry needs in energy efficiency.

Prevention of energy loss

In a world with tight margins, stringent regulations, fierce competition and difficult market conditions, it is not surprising that the process industry is increasingly relying on improved energy efficiency to meet its operating, environmental and financial targets.

Some of the energy losses and related carbon emissions can be prevented by deploying existing best practice technologies. However, deeper energy and emission cuts can only be achieved by developing new technologies that go beyond current best practice.

Dr. Coletti will explain the UNIHEAT project’s developments to address this problem.

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