“Innovation: better together”, a UNIHEAT four-page article in IChemE’s November issue

Sandro Macchietto and Francesco Coletti explain the unique collaborative research model pioneered by the UNIHEAT project, and the resulting innovations promising to boost refinery efficiencies

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has featured the UNIHEAT project in their November issue, with a four-page article.

The article focuses on UNIHEAT’s successful, iterative approach to structure a research project, based on industry engagement, early application development and feedback from the end-user.

Quoting Prof Machcietto and Dr Coletti: “Successfully navigating the path from idea to industrial application is not easy, and there is no magic bullet. It is however possible to plan the steps involved and devise ways of speeding up and turbocharging the process. One way is to create a project structure that enables many ideas to be worked on at the same time, that actively promotes a close collaboration and exchange between researchers and industrial end-users from the outset, and one where technology delivery issues are considered early and in parallel with technology generation”.

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